Collection: Double Work Lights

Discover the power and efficiency of our Work Light equipped with two powerful 96W UltraLED in total, providing an impressive luminosity of 9600 lumens . This device, compatible with most batteries on the market, is the ideal solution for various applications, whether in demanding work environments or to illuminate your home.

Featured Features:

  1. Bright Power: Two 96W UltraLEDs provide powerful and efficient lighting for your projects.

  2. Shock Resistant Chassis: Its robust structure guarantees durability and resistance, ideal for demanding work environments.

  3. Large Cooling Capacity: Equipped with advanced cooling capacity for optimal and long-lasting performance.

  4. Versatility in Applications: Perfect for both work projects and home lighting, providing a simple and functional solution.

Optimize your workspace or improve lighting at home with our UltraLED Work Light. Enhance your projects with bright, long-lasting light!