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At miartesaniaen3d , we are proud to offer high-quality products that fit the specific needs of our customers. Our team of highly trained designers and fabricators work hard to create adapters that optimize the performance of 3D machines, delivering efficiency and precision in every project.

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Compatible Work Lights

The 48W 16Ultra LED Work Light, with an impressive light output of 4800 lumens, stands out for its versatility and robust performance. Its metal casing not only adds a touch of durability to the design...

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Double Brand Adapters

Optimize your tool arsenal with our innovative battery adapters. Designed for maximum versatility, these adapters allow you to use batteries from one brand in tools from another and vice versa. Made with resistant materials and superior quality finishes, these adapters are the key to giving new life to those tools and batteries you already own...

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  • Spotlights

    Our compatible spotlights have an approximate working life of 4 hours on 2ah batteries.
    The high-power ones with the same batteries last about 2 hours at full capacity.

  • Reclaimers

    Compatible recoverers must connect the batteries to each other for 20 seconds and then charge the battery's charging base.

  • Double Adapters

    Ideal for combining tools and batteries without having to have the same brands and accessories, a good way to save money and create a sustainable economy.